Kanali – Preveza

Kanali village is about 15km from Preveza town. It is a smart and affordable decision for a vacation. Apart from all beauties that the place has to offer, it can be used as base for many nearby beaches and daily excursions to many interesting beautiful places.

Kanali is an ideal destination for eco-tourism, bird watching or meeting with the dolphins, visiting historic places, hiking on Achron river or simple excursions to the nearby beaches where white sand alternates with peddle and wild rocks.

Beautiful beaches

The coastline of prefecture of Preveza is one of the longest in Greece, spreading in a 50 km distance.  The variety that can be found,  from golden sand beaches, small inlets, beaches with white bright sand and pebble to small rocky inlets with caves and crystal clear green waters, is certain to charm every visitor…


The Village

The small village is built on the sides of the national road from Preveza to Igoumenitsa, but the summer life moves to the coast, where in a distance of about 2500 meters, a visitor can enjoy all comforts.

In the area you can find super markets, bakeries, patisseries, many beautiful coffee shops, bars, taverns and restaurants, grill houses and of course beach bars to enjoy with comfort the wonderful, clear, blue-green Ionian sea.

Worth visiting

Zaloggo – The historic monument

Visit the elegant, minimal monument of Zaloggo with the white women figures, symbol of courage and free spirit.

Above the village of Kamarina, on the plateau ending the rocks of Zaloggo, the imposing monument dedicated to the heroic Souliotisses is built. After climbing 410 stairs (approximately 20 minutes), you get to the monument that depicts the sacrifice of the women who fell off the cliff with their children to avoid enslavement.

It is worthwhile to make the journey both to admire this beautiful monument and to enjoy the magnificent view of the rock.

Ancient Kassopi – An ancient city, balcony to the Ionian sea

Many impressive ruins come to life in front of the visitor’s eyes, the life of the inhabitants of ancient Kassopi, which emerges from the depths of history.

The settlement was built on the historic Zalongo mountain and in a strategic position with panoramic view across the Ionian Sea and the West coast. Ancient Kassopi was one of the most important cities of ancient Epirus. In the place where Kassopi was founded a small town existed before, from the Copper Age that was the place of gatherings for common worship in the sanctuary of Aphrodite, the main deity of the habitats.

Ancient Nicopolis – The city of victory

The city – symbol of the great victory of Octavian and later Roman Emperor, against Mark Antony and Cleopatra of Egypt, a control center of western Greece, with acme and glory during the Roman period.

A visit to the Roman Nikopolis area to browse the museum, see the aqueduct, the ancient theater and the August memorial will take you back to the era of the grandeur of the Roman domination.

The Necromancy of Acheron – Metaphysical charm, in the wake of history

A crossroad of the two worlds, travels the visitor back to the Minoan era, with the perfume of the Persephone myth and the descent of Odysseus in Hades.

The ancient Necromancy of Acheron is located in the village of Mesopotamos, in the prefecture of Preveza, at the point where, according to Homer, the river Acheron merged with Kokyto and Pyrifelets, on the northwest banks of Lake Aherousia, which was the entrance to the world of souls.

The Necromancy is built on top of a hill, where visitors arrived to communicate with the souls of their loved ones.

Springs of Acheron – natural beauty that enchants the visitor

The river of tears in antiquity, the last journey of the souls before their descent to Hades, today generously provides only immense beauty. From the springs to the mouth it fills all the senses and rests body and soul.

Acheron is a very popular destination for nature lovers and not only, who want to combine nature with various activities. It can also provide a base for excursions to Parga, Sivota, Paramythia, Necromancy.

In Acheron river, anyone can enjoy activities such as canoeing, kayaking, rafting and even riding, while there is the possibility of crossing the river to the mouth of Ammoudia.

Preveza – The princess of Amvrakikos

Capital of the prefecture of Preveza, a jewel city where visitors acquire memories for a lifetime.

From a morning coffee break at the marina where the eye sees the blue of the sea or a tour at the picturesque stone alleys to the gourmet seafood delights of its delicious taverns as well as a relaxing drink with music at the bars of the city, are experiences that a visitor must have.

Parga, Sivota – Amazing beauty full of contrasts

Parga’s reputation exceeds all expectations and not unjustly. The area has amazing beaches, some cosmopolitan and others lonely for endless relaxation. A green area surrounded by lively monuments, the Venetian olive groves with towering trees, completely changes the setting once the sun sets. The relaxed atmosphere becomes cheerful and vibrant with intense cosmopolitan mood.

Lefkada – The island with the famous beaches

The presentation of Lefkada does not need many words, every corner on this island is also a work of art of nature. Kathisma, Egremni, Agios Nikitas, Kalamitsi, Porto Katsiki, Pefkoulia are just some of the land parks of Lefkada.

Live the experience