Customer Complaints

The management and staff of Blue Sea Hotel wants not only to meet but also to exceed the expectations of its customers. That’s why we take our customers’ opinions and wishes seriously into consideration in order to improve our services.

Our hotel assures you that it will take seriously any complaint or remark, with respect, discretion and protection of each customer’s personal data.

All tenants of the hotel have the right to complain. If a customer wishes to make a complaint, follow the simple steps below:

  1. First to inform the hotel reception. This is intended to provide an immediate solution to its problem.
  2. If no immediate solution can be reached, it may be completed by the “complaints special form “, which will be given at the reception of the hotel.
  3. Can send an e-mail to by giving its details (name, room number and dates of arrival and departure). This message needs to clearly describe his complaint so as to provide a targeted and immediate solution.
  4. Can send a letter to Blue Sea Hotel Kanali Preveza, 48100. The address of the hotel is committed to responding to emails and letters in 10 business days at most. Each customer has the right to contact the hotel to be informed of the process of resolving the issue.